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The Campaign



#BlackFathersDay is a social campaign we created for Father's Day. The vision was to empower and highlight black fathers to tell their stories showcasing the joy of fatherhood while simultaneously dispelling negative media myths regarding black fathers.


Divergent Media came up with the campaign concept and worked closely with Beleaf, a fatherhood focused influencer, to craft an outline for creative social content that would be the framework for other influencers to follow.

The Results



In addition to working with select creators to create unique content we reached out to various publications and were covered by ATTN, The Root, Blavity and Tubefilter to bring more awareness to the campaign and encourage every day fathers to participate in the movement. This, combined with the influencers posting their own unique content, resulted in the following post-campaign metrics. This was all done without a budget or paid media support.

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The Content



While developing the campaign with Beleaf, we knew that his content was the tone and vibe we had originally envisioned and his content exceeded expectations. However, we wanted to make sure that multiple stories and stylistic tones were told so we reached out to various different black fathers online. Namely, LaGuardia Cross created a great piece of content that was both touching and hilarious all at the same time. Below are some of the pieces of content we sourced from people directly as well as some from people who used the hashtag #BlackFathersDay to share a picture or video.

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About Me


Austin Null

CEO, Divergent Media

YouTube Content Creator for 7+ years. Created 1,500+ videos garnering over 85+ million views. Created branded content for P&G, Hallmark, Target, Walmart, NBC, ABC, Ford, Pepsi, MTV, eBay and more.


Also worked for the Multi-Channel Network, Fullscreen, as their Social Engagement Strategist overseeing all social strategy.

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