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Divergent Media

Fully Integrated Diversity in Digital Advertising

The Problem



Saturated Market

There are 3,600+ YouTube channels with over 1MM subscribers. The influencer market is saturated and, unless you want to spend big money on top talent, it’s hard to identify great, “non- mainstream” mid-tier talent.

Lack of Diversity

We know Hollywood has problems in regards to diversity and so does influencer marketing. Of the 2,070 North American channels in the top 5,000 most subscribed on YouTube, only 284 (14%) are creators of color. Combined with the over saturation of influencers in general, this makes identifying new creators of color even more difficult.

Tech Replaces Relationships

Technology based influencer marketing companies are great for scale but they lack the ability to personally target and understand niche communities, especially influencers of color. To truly identify and integrate diverse influencers there needs to be a personal relationship and understanding of these channels, especially “undiscovered” mid-tier talent.




Targeted Influencers

We provide ongoing access to a diverse array of targeted influencers by working exclusively with creators of color, particularly mid-tier creators, who have a combined social reach of over 27MM+ followers. This allows brands and agencies continual, consistent access to a plethora of diverse creators who can speak on the brand’s behalf with a fresh perspective for the audience.

Focus on Diversity

We believe diversity should be fully integrated into advertising. This means not only providing brands with targeted, diverse creators for their campaigns but also campaign creation services focused on representation and inclusion as a key factor in the creative aspect of influencer campaigns from ideation to execution

Creative Insights

With a background in content creation (having produced over 1,500 videos garnering over 85MM+ views), we offer unique insights into the best approach to influencer content creation that stays true to the influencer while achieving brand objectives. Specifically, we work closely with our influencers to make sure they’re truly represented via the content of a branded campaign. Let Divergent Media be your Creative Director for digital advertising campaigns

Project Management

It’s important that the influencer and brand understand each other and work well together. Let us manage campaign tasks, deliverables, etc. to ensure the influencer is creatively empowered and the brand’s objectives are met with strong ROI.

Our Goal

What is


Influencer marketing with a purpose

The goal of Divergent Media is two-fold

Consistently connect brands to influencers of color for ongoing partnerships across EVERY campaign the brand creates. Let us be your guaranteed provider of 30%-50% of every influencer campaign roster across the board to ensure unique voices are showcasing brand objectives.


Consult on and create branded influencer campaigns, on behalf of the creators we work with, to ensure that campaigns are representative of communities of color.

The Benefits

What is


Influencer marketing with a purpose

Diversity and representation in advertising is important and it’s our goal to constantly bring new voices and perspectives into the spotlight.


The benefit to the brand is not just another market to reach (though that is true) but also the benefit of being progressive enough to understand where we’re at and where we're heading in regards to the racial and ethnic makeup of our country.

The Purpose

What is

Influencer marketing with a purpose


We want to see solutions to this problem through 1) discovering and providing access to diverse influencers 2) developing creative concepts that are truly representative of them to pitch to brands and 3) helping brands craft their campaign concepts to be truly inclusive of communities of color. These are just a few options that will help produce change on a systemic level. Let’s work together to make this happen.

About Me


Austin Null

CEO, Divergent Media
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YouTube Content Creator for 7+ years. Created 1,500+ videos garnering over 85+ million views. Created branded content for P&G, Hallmark, Target, Walmart, NBC, ABC, Ford, Pepsi, MTV, eBay and more.


Also worked for the Multi-Channel Network, Fullscreen, as their Social Engagement Strategist overseeing all social strategy.

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