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Divergent Media
Divergent Media

What is


Radical Creator-Centric Innovation Marketing

The goal of Divergent Media is two-fold:

Build creator-centric marketing campaigns at scale for brands who want to invest in authentic and natural advertising that has a home within culture.


Educate brand marketers, particularly C-Suite level executives, on the reality that creator-centric marketing is not the's the NOW.

My Unique POV


Austin Null Fullscreen
YouTube MCN Alum

Ran social for Fullscreen, a YouTube Multi-Channel Network, when social influencer marketing was taking off and shaping into what it is today.

Austin Null Vlogger
Former Full-Time Creator

Was a successful full-time Creator amassing a collective 750,000+ followers, 80M+ views, all while managing myself & running a business.

Austin Null Marketing Executive
Ad Agency Executive

Ran both influencer marketing strategy and social media strategy for major advertising agencies leading to over 300M+ views for clients of all sizes.

Creator-Centric Offerings


Every service taps into the power of creators at scale to position brands at the heart of the cultural trends and moments being shaped by creators on the daily.


Build influencer marketing campaigns for brands who want to invest in authentic “advertising” content that inspires audiences and has a home within culture.


Build and execute content creator strategies for brand social channels through micro and macro external content creators to make social content fit in the FYP.


Build creative frameworks for your brand that empower the best Creative Directors in the world, Creators/Influencers, to make content that matters within culture.


Educate, strategize, and operationalize with brand marketers, particularly C-Suite executives, on how creator-centric marketing is not the's the NOW.

The Problem



Paid Media
Consumers Hate Ads

Whether it's traditional media (TV) or social media (Paid Social), consumers are actively avoiding the ads placed in these mediums disrupting feeds.

Netflix vs. TikTok
Social Media Is...King?

Despite the vast majority of people consuming social content more than any other form of media, traditional ads receive the most funding from brands.

Influencer Marketing Ad Spend
Ad Spend Is Misaligned

The majority of ad spend ($1T globally) goes to ads consumers are actively avoiding while Influencer Marketing ad spend is only 3% of the global spend.



Content Creator
Creator-Centric Marketing

Consumers 50 and under (roughly 60% of the US population) are consuming content on social media more than any other medium. What kind of content makes up the vast majority of social content? Creator content.


Divergent Media builds creator-centric strategies for brands that feel native to the platform, unlike the overly produced content the vast majority of agencies make that don't fit naturally in the feed and FYP, by activating Creators at scale to tell stories and create content that grab attention.

Creator-Centric Innovation

Creators are the heartbeat of Culture. They are shaping trends, innovating content, and impacting communities of all sizes. We believe that innovation begins with Creators and we set brands up to collaborate with and empower creators to authentically insert themselves into culture.

Whether it's through culture-focused influencer marketing campaigns, scaled content creator strategies for brand social channels, experiential creator-centric events, or building the future of original content through creator-centric scripted branded content, Divergent Media is here to help brands innovate in the broader creator ecosystem.

Content Creator
Creator-Centric Creative

As a former full-time Creator/Influencer, I understand that social content is based in community building. Which means creativity, whether original or within the confines of platform trends, needs to have purpose and authenticity.

Most advertising agencies rely on outdated approaches when building creative ideas. Divergent Media builds creative frameworks to empower the best Creative Directors in the world, Creators/Influencers, to make content that matters within a strategic framework for our brand partners.

Influencer Budgets
Creator-Centric Budgets

Global advertising spend is set to hit $1 Trillion in 2024 for the first time ever. Global influencer marketing spend climbed 21.5% in 2022 to $29 billion which makes it roughly 3% of total global advertising spend. Which means 97% of global spend is going to non-creator-centric content.


At Divergent Media, we know that creator-centric marketing isn't the's the NOW. Which means traditional creative dollars, media dollars, etc. need to start being re-allocated to creator-centric content to see true success. If you're a brand marketer, let us work with you to future proof your brand to truly be effective and culturally relevant.

The Solution
About Me


Austin Null

Austin Null
Chief Creator Officer
  • LinkedIn

12+ years of experience as a social media and influencer marketing professional with a background in being both a full-time influencer as well as working on the brand/agency side of social media and influencer marketing. Worked with brands like Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Popeyes, Xbox, Wingstop, Choice Hotels, Henkel, Bytedance, and more.

I have the unique experience of having 1) Worked at an MCN (Fullscreen) when social influencer marketing was beginning to bloom 2) Been a successful full-time influencer amassing a collective 750,000+ followers across platforms and 3) Ran both influencer marketing strategy and social media for major advertising agencies.

Passionate about building and leading teams and empowering them to succeed and innovate in the work we do together.

Helping brands understand the next generation of content and how it intersects culture, both online and in real life.

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